A few items in the shop. If you where looking for something different, seen somewhere else on the website, please don't hesitate to contact info@judithvanvliet and check the possibilities! There is always something possible. 

sustainable & fair T-shirt

illustrated T-shirt

beautiful, fair made, organic T-shirt with illustration by Judith. There are four different illustrations, please let us know which one you want when you order. 

€ 22,50

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excicium skirt belt

Excicium Skirt Belt

Beautiful, high waist skirt with pleads, made of 100% soft cashmere. The skirt comes together with a unique belt, by Chris van den Elzen. 

Available sizes: S, M and L

€ 149,00

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excidium copper top

Excicium Copper Top

A crop top, made of silk-metallic, with zip on the back. But you can also wear the top the other way, with the zip at the front. You can wear it with a shirt underneath or just with a bra, the way you like it and feel comfortable!  

Available in size S, M or L

€ 29,00

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excidium red dress

Excicium Red Dress

A woolen dress, with a graphic design stitched in black. At the back is a long zip and at the waist a beautiful belt by Chris van den Elzen. 

Available in size S or M. 

€ 159,00

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Excicium High waist trousers

The last 4 trousers! A super female pantalon with a high waist fit and a zip at the back. Beautiful copper panels at the side / pocket. The blue one is made of wool, the beige of cotton.

The beige is available in size S, M or L, the blue variant is only available in M

€ 169,00

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