Other projects

Identity Dress


A project from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Several designers from Europe make all one dress in their own style, but need to start with the same pattern. 

My dress is an extended version of my collection Dark Depths, made of 80% rest material. 

Abstract London


Judith was one of the finalist of the Fashionclash Shoe Design Challenge. Her shoes (and dress) are inspired by the architecture of London. So many great buildings, old and new. She loves to work with lines and color blocks, and loved to be in London. All the love and inspiration came together in this outfit. 



Judith was honored to design these outfits special for Campaign for Wool. 100% made of woolen fabrics and showed during the exposition of Campaign for Wool. 

The concept is about the symbiose of nature vs architecture. How both can be live and grow together en both need each other: humans need a home and work but also nature for food, medicine and oxygen. Nature it self tries to find their way in the cities, since humanity takes a lot of space from them.