Plan(e)t Proof

The collection draws attention to the dyeing process of clothing in fast fashion. Many chemicals are used for this, which are harmful to humans, animals and nature. Rivers are poisoned and entire ecosystems disappear, but the people who live along these rivers can no longer use them for their daily existence Judith looked at alternatives and wanted to experiment with natural paints, which do not involve any chemical product. This dyeing is already possible with hot water and kitchen waste, such as onion peels (red-brown or yellow) or avocado pits (pink).


The fabrics she used for this are organic fabrics with old discarded jeans, to create a nice contrast. The collection shows that natural dyeing gives beautiful results, which are certainly not dull and can be applied up to the highest segment of fashion. 

Photo credits


Photography: Elke Bevers

Make up & hair: B-Academy, Ginger de Neve


In collab. with Love&Linger