A collaboration between shoe designer Amber Ambrose Aurèle and JUDITHvanvliet.


As the name already gives away, it's about the Netherlands. A sustainable collection that is designed and made in The Netherlands. Mainly from Dutch sustainable resources, like linen and wool, and Dutch recycled materials: denim, tampons (restmaterial) and old uniforms. Most of the fabrics are woven by Enschede Textielstad, who is also based in the Netherlands. 


The inspiration of the collection is our beautiful country: Dutch artists of the Stijl, like Mondriaan, Architect Ben van Berkel, Delfts Blue, fishermen's knitwear and the North Sea. 


Raw Materials shows the vulnerability of materials. We are used to buy a lot every year and throw away almost the same amount. But we should be more aware of all the materials we use, because is has a big impact: the proces it takes to make a product cost a lot of resources, chemicals, hard work and transport. 


Raw Materials shows almost literally the proces of clothes, from the raw material into yarns, into fabric, into a garment. The message is simple: be more aware, be more sustainable: choose well and buy less. 

Excidium is the first collaboration between JUDIThvanvliet and shoe/product designer Chris van den Elzen


The concept is about the beauty of old, abandoned buildings. Erosion, moss, fungi and oxidants adorn the walls,  and floors. A world of new designs, textures and colours appears.  

Babylon is a mini collection by shoe designer Amber Ambrose Aurelèle & JUDITHvanvliet. The system we have now, the consumer society, is not working and won't last! We need to buy less, choose well, recycle our garments, plastics and other materials. This collection shows the turnaround, we believe in a better future!


The collection is made of sustainable fabrics: used plastic bottles, recycled pet, recycled cotton, left over fabrics and kombucha.


Dark Depths collection is designed in collaboration with shoe/product designer Chris van den Elzen. Showed during Amsterdam Fashion Week.


Concept: Dark Depths is an ode to the ocean. We are polluting our waters, even many deep dark places in the ocean are still undiscovered and we don't know what there lives. We tried to capture the the feeling of the deep ocean, where time doesn't exist and so many beautiful creatures live. 

The Western Uniformity is Judith's graduation collection. It's about the Western society, where people all dress the same. People only show their personality within little details. For this collection Judith wanted to show the real personality of a person, which is almost literally growing out of the person, out of her daily 'uniform'. The suit underneath each outfit is a symbol for our daily same way of dressing and Western society. 

Next to the collections, Judith also works or collaborate for small projects. This could be for a special photoshoot, performance, show etc. Click on the link to see some of the projects.