SHUBA magazine, including the cover

photography by Melissa Houben, set design by Willemijn Bos


ELEGANT magazine: photography by Melissa Houben, set design by Willemijn Bos


Coiffure Award - Nominated Young Talent

Yasmine van der Meulen,

photo's by Marco ter Beek 

Coiffure Award - Nominated Hairstylist

Carola den Deugd,

photo's by Peter Voorhuis

Coiffure Award - Nominated Hairdstylist

Mariska Schutten,

photo's by Jonnhy ten Have 

COVER Metro Mode, collage by Liza Dikkerboom


LINK Magazine, exclusive interview


Igone Magazine, photography by Marco ter Beek, styling by JUDITHvanvliet


COVER Le Fil d'Ore. Photography by Josefien Hoekstra, styling by Liz Scarlet


Ellements Magazine: Photography by Lynn Romijn, styling by Nabeela Bhatti 


Elegant Magazine


Ellements Magazine. Photography by Fanny van Poppel, styling by Christina Guseva


Ellements Magazine. Photography by Jennifer Muller, styling by Sophie de Bruijn


NEX Magazine. Exclusive interview.


Design Scene. Styling by Kim Arnold, Photography Liselotte Fleur



Life after football - styling & concept by Rossi&Blake 


Gun Magazine

Photography and styling: Imke Panhuijzen


Fashion  United - M-ODE

Photo's by Team Peter Stigter


L'Officiel - M-ODE

Photo by Mellissa Houben,

styling by Willemijn Bos

Het Parool, Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

Fashion Bloc, Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

Design Scene, Raw Materials serie/interview 

Fashion Week Amsterdam. 

Exclusive editorial for Kaltblut by Melissa Houben, styling by Willemijn Bos Fashion on Ice


Vogue Italia, by Giusy de Ceglia


HUF Magazine. Photography by NOON Concepts

iMute Magazine. Photography by NOON Concepts


Koffietijd 13-10-2017 - de Stip

Koffietijd 14-10-2016

De Tiende van Tijl


Het nieuws van de vooruitgang - interview


Van Hollandse Bodem - a concept about sustainability 

Vodafone - sponsor of Dark Depths 

Dark Dephts - Fashion Week Amsterdam


NRC Next, Prinsjesdag met de outfit van

Carla Dik Faber


Telegraaf, Prinsjesdag outfit van Carla Dik Faber, foto door Ruben Timman


Het Parool, teaser new collection. Photo by Mellisa Houben, styling by Willemijn Bos


Weekend Krant, exclusive interview.


NRC Handelsblad



Campaign Cinedans 2016, styling by JUDITHvanvliet


Campaign Fashionclash 2016